Worship Service Update

The Board of Elders and the Leadership of Grace Chapel want to provide an update regarding Saturday Evening worship services at Grace Chapel.

Over the last 12+ months, the Board of Elders have been tracking and analyzing the attendance trends of the 4pm Saturday Service. After much discussion with Grace Chapel Leadership, the Elders presented a reccomendation to discountinue the 4pm Saturday Service at the November Voter's Meeting.

After much fruitful, thoughtful, and caring discussion by the voters during the meeting, the following change was voted upon and passed by the Voter's Assembly.

Beginning in January 2023, the 4pm Saturday Service will be held on the first Saturday of each month only. Each worship service will also offer Holy Communion. 

Please know that the Board of Elders and Leadership of Grace will continue to watch the service trends and if the need and desire is to return to to every Saturday, the services can always be reinstated.