About Grace Chapel


The congregation of Grace Lutheran Chapel wishes to welcome you into the family of God. It is our sincere prayer that we can be rich blessings to each other and to the community which we serve. Together, we will share in opportunities to grow regularly in God's Word, to share and bear burdens with fellow Christians, to rejoice with hearts full of praise for the bountiful daily blessings from our Almighty God, and to grow in the understanding of how best to use those blessings in ways which please and glorify God.

Our Mission

Grace Lutheran Chapel and School's mission is to make and keep disciples for Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Grace Lutheran Chapel is a church that boldly proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Out of Christian love and concern for all people, we are committed to sharing the love of Jesus within our church, our school, and our community. We will connect generations and races through various needs-based programs and serve as a beacon in the community, engaging in active study of God’s Word and equipping all for discipleship and service. Our vision is that the people of Grace and our community will see the connection between school and church, bridging knowledge and faith in such a way that people will be compelled to join us in our ministry.

God bless you as you live for Him!